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I stopped by Chipotle last week for the first time in way too long and was confused-yet-pleasantly-surprised to find that my newborn-sized burrito was wrapped in pretty gold foil instead of the usual silver. Little did I know it was part of an adorable new social media campaign featuring the hilarious Amy Sedaris, seen above in one of three hilarious videos from Chipotle’s YouTube channel.

The video, filmed in Amy’s signature campy, bootleg-Martha-Stewart style, kicks off a corresponding contest where entrants can send in photos of their favorite things wrapped in foil, like their computers or their…fiancées? Wrappers can urge their friends to vote for their photos for the chance to win $10,000 in cash, a 24-karat gold coin or just lots of free burritos.

And because they even have hearts of gold (heh), Chipotle will donate $1 for each vote to, a non-profit devoted to creating new markets for sustainable farmers. Since this campaign features three of my favorite things — burritos, Amy Sedaris and animals wearing strange outfits — I give it a gold seal of approval.


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